Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life is Sweet

While cleaning out my file cabinets for next year, I found all of the cute letters and pictures that were in my "sunshine" file from my kids this year. Looking through the file made me realize once again that teaching is truly the best job in the world! It isn't always easy getting up at 5:30 and diffusing the fights of eight year olds all day long, but knowing that I've made a difference in their lives is worth more than any high paying desk job could ever be. Over the years as I've followed my original group of lovelies from Pre-K to second grade, their notes have gotten longer and their pictures have gotten more detailed. I know because I've saved them all. If I could give one piece of advice to new teachers, it would be to start your own sunshine file. Save the notes, letters, and pictures that are given to you and look through them every now and then. It really is a great feeling to be loved by twenty three little ones. . .some love you so much that they give you gigantic, delicious cupcakes!

And sometimes you'll love them so much that you will bake and hand ice twenty three flamingo cookies for part of their end of the year gift. Life is what you make it. . .so why not make it sweet!

Ms. Lee

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