Sunday, June 5, 2011

Volcano Madness

The last week of school is finally here and my kids are climbing the walls. Every teacher knows that there is only one way to combat the end of the year crazies. . .make it simple and fun! Being that one of my lovlies is moving to Hawaii in a few days (I'm jealous) I thought that a mini unit on volcanoes would be a fun way to spend the last few days together as a second grade class. Thanks to United Streaming, we watched a few short videos on volcanoes. We learned about the three different kinds of volcanoes and created flip books to describe each type. (I forgot to take a picture, but I will take one and upload it soon). For the second part of our volcano lesson my lovlies conducted a science experiement. Play dough, vinegar and baking soda were all that the experiment required. . .talk about simple.  

Each group had to work together to create their very own  play dough volcano. When all of the volcanoes were finished, we added baking soda and vinegar and watched each of them erupt. It was absolutely amazing to watch their faces and listen to their comments during our final science experiment of the year. Volcanoes. . .simple and fun!

Ms. Lee


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