Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rain or Shine. . .the Show Must Go On!

Just when I thought that it had rained all that it could rain, Mother Nature proved that I don't know anything and dumped buckets on us today. It rained all. day. long.  Days like today make me very thankful for my "illegal" lamps and my paisley rain boots (which like a fool I left at home and trudged off in my Toms ballet flats. . .DOH!). Buuuuut, a little bit of rain never hurt anybody and lord knows there's tons of work to be done so the show just had to go on!

This week in math we're reviewing word problems and measuring with non-standard units. This week is also Dr. Seuss week which translates into a week of dressing up!! One of my favorite parts of being a teacher. . .it's like the good parts of high school never ended (ie: Spirit Week). We're reviewing word problems with the help of my little unit Under the Big Top. Anything that allows my kids to move around and sit with their BFFs is a winner in my room so the problem solving sheets are always a HUGE hit. There are activities included in the unit that will provide practice time for 3 addend word problems, addition word problems, and subtraction word problems (with sums/differences up to 20). For the next 2 days we'll be working on measuring with non-standard units. Tomorrow my crazy ones will be measuring various Seuss inspired clipart cards with swedish fish and cubes. I haven't posted it on TPT yet (I need to change the Seussical title first), but it will be up as soon as my mind can think of something equally creative and cutesy. Publix had swedish fish on sale this week so it was definitely meant to be (just like it was meant to be for me to open up a bag and eat a handful of them during small groups..YUM)! On Thursday and more than likely part of Friday, we'll be making these cute Cat in the Hats and measuring them with "Thing 1/Thing 2" paper squares (about an inch long).
You can never go wrong with a craft. . .especially not during Dr. Seuss week! Of course we're doing tons of Dr. Seuss read alouds all throughout the week. We're working on making and revising predictions as our main comprehension skill && duh we're definitely working on editing sentences (they need all of the practice that they can get). Our writing block this week is devoted to descriptive writing and that means adjectives, adjectives, and more adjectives. Later this week I'll blog more about our writing activities (and my apparent obsession with beanie babies when I was a little one). My kids LOVED my collection. . .as for me...I was a little embarassed toting the gigantic storage tub down the hallway. . .oh the things we do for teaching!

Before I sign off for the night to pick out my crazy socks outfit for Fox in Socks day, this is reason #1579014957 that I love the ladies that I work with. It's from last year's Seuss week, but the grand finale hasn't come yet this year (and I'm thinking my beloved green tutu is making an appearance). Until next time. . .Live, Love, Teach. . .and wear a Lorax mustache! :)

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