Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made It!

If you know me personally than you know I'm constantly making things...either on the computer or crafting. So of course when I discovered 4th Grade Frolics "Made It Monday" linky I had to jump on the wagon again...second linky party in 2 days...I'm out of control!

My focus of making stuff has shifted over the years. I was really obsessed with painting, then really obsessed with scrapbooking, and now I'm really obsessed with TPT. I also have a closet obsession...and that's my love of chevron. It's been growing over the year and now I just can't hide it! It's exploding into every facet of my life- -clothes, picture frames, containers, labels, and now bows! I don't need any rumors starting that I'm having a mini me, so let me clarify. On Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time with my mom. It was like stepping into heaven. Cute stuff was every where...and chevron...ohhhh the chevron! I ended up buying a lot of little things that added up to a not so little bill (it happens to the best of us). Among my collection of random pretties was a roll of chevron printed burlap ribbon. It was gorgeous, I had to have it, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

Before we decided to move I made a wreath for our front door. It was pretty simple- -a turquoise O and a burlap bow. The burlap bow was fabulous looking for a bow making virgin, but it took a beating from the wind and pretty quickly became less of a bow and more of a hot mess of floppy burlap. The burlap I bought wasn't wired ribbon so I'm positive that was what led to my bow's untimely demise (not that I completely suck as a bow maker). Now that we're finally settled in at our new home I decided it was the perfect time to give our old wreath a makeover. I kept the wreath and the turquoise O, but the droopy pile of burlap had to go. I used the new chevron burlap (wired) to make a new and absolutely fabulous bow. My bow making skills are still pretty subpar, but with the help of wire and some hot glue (ok a lot of hot glue) it turned out to be something I could be proud of.

Eventually I will learn how to use a more sophisticated method of bow making, but for now the Macgyver method works for me. I love, love, love it and the husband likes it too- -who knew that chevron could work for extremely feminine me and extremely masculine him?!? I'm even more in love with it!

 Of course I didn't just stop there. . .I had to get something school related done so that the part of my brain that's all things teacher could take a break for a little while. A few blogs ago I talked about word building being an activity that my kids do throughout the year. The beginning of the year is all about training them to be independent center workers- -we don't jump into the meat of first grade until a few weeks into the school year (atleast not independent learning centers). During those first few weeks I train my kids how to complete the word building center's assignment with themed words. The one I blogged about was classmate names. I've managed to put together a packet of themed word building activities for August-December. It's packed with word building packets that will have your kids reading, building, and writing color words, animal names, back to school items, and various other themed words appropriate for the months listed. Starting in September, spelling units start and I use the spelling pattern to create a list of words for my students to build. Buuuut the themed words are awesome for early finishers or as a challenge for my loves that knock the spelling pattern out of the park and don't need extra practice. I'm working on creating a packet full of spelling pattern words now, but the themed words are itching to be snapped up.

If you have a word building center within your daily literacy center rotation my Word Building Mania pack is up and available in my TPT store.
Now that it's almost 7:00 I guess it's time to get to my next Monday Made It...Dinner: Split Chicken Breasts with Veggies and oven roasted potatoes. Until next time! :)


  1. OMG...I think we are teacher sisters for sure. Chevron obsessed-check. Painting and Hobby Lobby obsessed - check and check. Obsessive in general - big check.

    This will blow your gourd. We have one thing different. I drink...wait for it....UNsweet tea! Don't judge me too harshly....haha!

    Mrs. Harris
    Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!

    1. Teacher sisters for sure! &&& no worries about the unsweet tea parents switched over to be healthier a few years back, but I'm sticking with the extra calories! :)

  2. Hi Amy! I just found your cute blog and I LOVE it! I also LOVE polka dots, chevron, and HL...but who doesn't?! more LOVE is Charleston. We Have been going to Seabrook Island every summer for the last 5 yrs. It is so beautiful there! Exctied to follow you!
    Two Friends In FIrst

  3. It's easy to become immune to how pretty Charleston is when you're surrounded by its beauty from day one of your life...but going out of town reminds you pretty quickly! The only place prettier was Hawaii...and I'm pretty sure the Mai Tais made me say that! Haha :)