Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Bucket List &&& a Surprise Sale

Holy sun tan lotion I love summer break! Every year I forget just how glorious it really is. Don't get me wrong I definitely remember that it's awesome, but I forget the extent to how amazing it feels to not have any small minds to be responsible for. I can wake up whenever I want to (not at 5:30), I can drink my coffee while watching Kathy Lee and Hoda Woman (love love love them), and I don't have to hear Missssssssssssssssss Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowen until sometime in August. Summer is glorious isn't it?  I  started to make a mental list of how to make the most of my 8 weeks away from the teaching world at the beginning of May, but teacher duty called and I quickly abandoned it. Today I forced myself to focus on what I wanted to accomplish and came up with this list. It's not all or nothing...things can be added or deleted, but it's a start. Most of the things on my list are self explanitory....pretty vanilla..I'm not going to Hawaii, Vegas, and LA this summer, but you can't live like a rockstar all the time. Here are a few of my must dos:

1. Celebrate Mom's Retirement
My mom is finally retiring after working her butt off for a really long time. My dad retired a few years ago so they'll finally be able to enjoy doing whatever it is that retired people do. &&& of course there's a party involved--who doesn't love a party???

2. Go on a Cruise
I've never been on a cruise before so of course I wasn't missing out on a chance to go to the Bahamas. Especially for a Bachelorette Party cruise...anybody's got time for that! We're setting sail right before we have to go back to work and not coming back until it's time to get back to work. No joking, we get back the day before our first teacher work day. Umbrella drinks by the pool? Yes please!

3. Learn to Shoot a Gun
I'm not trying to go all red-neck-a-nize on everybody, but my Poppa has been on me for years to learn how to shoot a gun. You know when your Grandpa uses your full name everytime they talk to you about something it's serious business. "Amy Elizabeth it's about time you learned to shoot a gun." I've shot a gun before without hurting myself, but I want to learn how to accurately shoot one. I wouldn't mind getting my CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit) because lets face it, the world isn't getting any safer...there are tons of crazies out there. My Poppa would be so proud of either accomplishment, but I'll start with learning how to shoot first.
4. Soak Up the Sun
Exactly as it sounds...I'm soaking up the sun. In my backyard, at the pool, at the beach, on a boat. . .wherever I can I'm getting some Vitamin D. Of course with the proper skin protection/exposure ratio (aint nobody got time for skin cancer).
5. TPT
Besides keeping up with the products that are already listed. I plan to upload a few more before the beginning of the school year. And since summer has me in such an amazing state of mind, everything in my store is 15% off from now until Friday.
Happy Summer Friends! Until next time....live, love, take a break from teaching & jump into summer fun!

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