Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It {{August 5}}

I'm walking into hot glue spider webs...leave a message and I'll call you backkkkkkk....was anybody else a No Doubt fan back in the day?? After spending the day fighting off strings of hot glue I couldn't resist that cheesy intro.  That's right, I finally got to step foot into my classroom today!  I spent the entire day moving stuff, cleaning stuff, hot gluing things into place, && admiring my new carpet. I'm officially in love (sorry laminator you've been replaced)--It's amazing how everything is more beautiful and cheerful when the icky mystery stained carpet is replaced with so fresh & so clean carpet. The best part?? They're carpet squares so if any square does get royally screwed up (let's be honest highly possible with a 6 year old mob) it's more likely to be replaced! Even better...there's a chance that breakfast won't be served in the classroom this year so those blasted yogurt cups have no way to explode all over my new carpet! I could do a back flip right now, but I'm certainly not a gymnast && I would break something. In other news I officially hate Blurred Lines, that new Miley Cyrus song, and a Ke$ha song...all of which I jammed out to && loved every second of before listening to the radio and hearing them a gazillion times within a five hour time span today. {{insert eye roll here}} 

Although the temptations were intense, I managed to control my urges to roll around on the clean carpet all day and got 80% of my stuff done. My hoarder closet storage closet is back to normal storage capacity && I can now focus on packing for the cruise and enjoying a pool day tomorrow with most of my favorites. Thank goodness for some fun in the sun because I'm pasty mom is thrilled and I'm certain that a dermatologist would be even more thrilled...buuuuut my Native American ancestors would be ashamed and that just can't happen. Before I start attempting to pack, I have tons of (well maybe not tons, but more than one) Monday Made It ideas to plaster all over this blog post. If you don't know about MMI head on over to visit  4th Grade Frolics for tons of super cute link ups...knowing is half the battle ya know?!? Without further blabbering here we go....

Monday Made It #1 (Objectives Board)
This year the district is fully implementing Common Core and we are expected to have objectives posted in our classroom. I'm not big on having things posted in my room that only serve adults, but having objectives posted is a must so I hit up Pinterest and found the "I Can..." focus board idea. It's an amazing way to display objectives so that it's beneficial for the adults that visit your room &&& the kids that make up your classroom family. I found a lot of adorable ideas that I loved, but they took up way too much space (I'm running too low on wall space for things to look right). At the beginning of the summer I bought a large chalkboard without a clue of how I wanted to use it's been sitting in my closet all summer. Last night as I was packing up my closet of teacher things, inspiration finally hit. Chalkboard=objective board. I painted the wooden frame, chalked it up, made a bow, and BAM! my objective board is done...well almost, I still need to get the actual objectives designed, printed and laminated, but here is the "pre-teaching" version. It's the same ribbon I've used on a few of my summer know for consistency...ok I'm a #chevronjunkie. I changed my version from "I Can" to "We Can" just because I like my kids to feel like they're part of a unit and there is no "I" in "team"....{{cheesy}} can you tell I've had caffeine today??? It's sitting on my dry erase board easel at the front of my room- -easy to see for anyone looking.

Monday Made It #2 (Hanging ABC Line)
I few MMIs ago, I blogged about my new ABC pennant line. I couldn't get into my room yet so I improvised by hanging it on my mantel. Today I hung up the whole thing...pain in the buttocks for serious. I'm not sure that I'm completely satisfied with the placement of it. I might be splitting it up onto 2 walls (in an L shape) to avoid the double chains. I figured I'd sleep on it (and cruise on it) before I decided to drag the hot glue gun out and teeter on a step stool again. (The number line might be getting the axe too as half of it has fallen off during the summer).

Monday Made It #3 (Various Meet the Teacher Packets)

I've blogged before about my Owl themed Meet the Teacher Packet, but over the last week I started thinking about how many different theme possibilities there are out there. Even though I think owls are ridiculously adorable, there are plenty of other equally adorable options out there like: apples, pirates, the ocean, jungle/safari, and frogs. All of these options are at my TPT store {{here}}. You can read about what the packet includes once upon a blog ago {{here}} and {{here}}. I've been busy customizing various packets to meet the needs of the teachers who purchased them, so if you need a switcharoo to make it work for you (I know, somebody call Taco Bell... cheese overload) give me a shout.

I think that wraps it up for this Monday...I need food, a shower, some Real Housewives of Orange County, and a packed suitcase (and probably a workout of some type). &&& this little guy has been deprived of sleeping on his favorite human in the world all day...cuteness overload! Sooo until next time, live, love and get ready to teach like a mad woman (or mad man). How is summer almost over?????


  1. I love your "We Can" board. I have been searching Pinterest for the same thing. Wall space is very limited in my classroom too. This would work perfectly. I am totally going to borrow it. :)

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    1. Thanks! Hopefully it works like my brain has envisioned! ;)

  3. I will admit that I was a No Doubt fan back in the day!!! I love your we can board! What a space saver! And your pennant alphabet looks great!! I am your newest follower! I just started my new


    1. I jammed out to some Gwen && Crew (my poor parents). :)

  4. Your ABC's are adorable! I love that idea!


  5. Your classroom is absolutely adorable! Your "We Can" board is too cute! I wish I had extra space in my room! Love the picture of your dog :) Everyone needs some sleepin' on their favorite human time!

    Good luck with all your endeavors!
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    1. Thanks! There's still some finishing up to do, but it's getting there! :)

  6. Your classroom looks wonderful! Love the alphabet bunting!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  7. I love your rug up front! Where did you get it?

    1. I ordered it from Target a few years ago. It's done pretty well && it didn't cost an arm and a leg. :)

  8. The pennant hanging ABC line is adorable! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. To accept the nomination, check it out at

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