Monday, May 30, 2011

Fabulously Froggy

April is National Frog Month and National Poetry month, so it seemed only natural to put the two together. After reading a variety of fictional and nonfictional books about frogs and learning how to write several different kinds of poems my kids wrote frog inspired haikus. As always, our writing was accompanied by an art project. Not only did their frogs turn out super cute, but their haikus were fabulous as well! We got so many compliments from visitors and teachers walking down the hall that I had to share!

In addition to these cute little guys, the kids also responded to the story "Froggy Eats Out." In this book the loveable Froggy goes out to eat for his parents' anniversary and nothing goes as planned. The kids were asked to write about what they would have done if they were Froggy. Some of their responses were absolutely precious- -especially the one below!

Ms. Lee

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