Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the Season. . .to go crazy!

Crazy seems like an understatement to describe my classroom today. My lovelies have caught the talking bug and it just. . .won't. . .go. . .away! They also have major seasonal excitement bubbling up inside of them and it's almost more than I can take. At 8:00 I realized that I was really going to have to pull every ounce of energy and creativity out of me to make it through the day with my sanity. It wasn't easy, but a little Christmas measuring activity (using M&Ms) helped pave the way. My lovelies each got a handful of M&Ms and a measuring sheet with reindeer, presents, Christmas trees, Gingerbread men and other holiday favorites. I hand drew these so I don't have a file uploaded to my computer to share, but I'm working on it. They had to measure how tall (or long) each picture was and record their answer on their sheet. They absolutely LOVED this. . .almost as much as coloring the pictures when they were finished. After everyone got a chance to practice measuring with their M&Ms, we made a gingerbread man craft. Each of my lovelies made their own Gingerbread man out of brown construction paper and decorated them using crayons and buttons. They turned out so cute and my lovelies really took their time decorating their little brown men. When all of the decorating was complete, they got out their trusty M&Ms and measured how tall and how wide their Gingerbread men were. They recorded it on their writing sheet and up they went on our bulletin board. Super cute if I say so myself!

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