Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blah Blah Report Cards

If there's one thing in the world I despise more than cleaning bathrooms, it would be filling in report cards. Well, let me re-phrase that- -filling in report card comments. I can plug in grades and grade papers to get these grades all day long, but trying to make each child's comment personalized and from the heart is absolutely exhausting. It's definitely the last thing my mind wants to focus on after giving both dogs a bath, unpacking from our anniversary trip to the farm, and catching up on laundry. If you can't tell I've got a case of the blah blahs tonight. My ususal treatment for the blah blahs is a nice cup of coffee, but seeing as it's already 8:00 caffeine is probably definitely not an option.

If there's one thing that can put some pep in my step it's that spring break is right around the corner (5 days away) and tomorrow is my 1 year wedding anniversary (I get to eat cake)!  I'm not sure how a year can go by so fast because it feels like it was yesterday that I was stressing out over the weather and having everything happen perfectly (which never happens...silly me). I wish I could bring a photo booth into my class for the day. . .but since I can't I've been busy planning for a fun filled week of spring/Easter themed activities. My kids are beyond ready for a break from each other (I'm probably included in that group of people they need a break from too) and I've been ready for spring break for a few weeks now. I love my kids to the moon and back, but I need a week to let my brain rest and to get myself ready for the last stretch before summer break! Since we are about to enjoy a week away from learning my kids will be spending the week reviewing math skills that they demonstrated weaknesses in on our benchmark tests.
I put together a fun little unit called Hippity Hoppity: Easter Math Review to get the party started! While we explore this unit my kids will be practicing telling time to the hour/half hour, solving 2-digit addition/subtraction problems, measuring with non-standard units, and graphing. They'll also be doing some work with fact families, but I'll blog about that later this week. You can grab your copy at my TPT store if you want to get in on the fun with your kids.

I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction that the measuring with jelly beans will be at the top of the list for favorites this week (probably tied with graphing with M&Ms). Food is the way to my kids' hearts and special occassions call for a little sweetness. I'll be back later this week, but until then live, love, teach, and dream about spring break!

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