Sunday, April 28, 2013

Renting, Renovations, Power Tools, &&& Lesson Plans...Oh My!

As I've said before I'm not very good at this juggling act thing. I've managed to get to the gym ZERO times this past week (I'm sure on Tuesday when I return for a training session I'm going to get my butt handed to me), I've blogged just as frequently, and cooking dinner...what's that? For once I can't blame it all on my demanding schedule as a teacher. Of course the craziness that comes with renting out our townhome and fixing up the rental that we're going to be moving into (all in the name of buying another house a few years down the road). And oh yes, there was the little incident of my husband having to get stitches due to a very scary fall. I've never considered myself an emotionally strong person. I cry at any and all of the sappy commercials (especially the Budweiser horse commercial for the Super Bowl... gets me every darn time). However, I managed to hold it together for the entire 4 hour emergency room staycation and only cried hysterically once I was in my car alone going to pick up medicine from CVS. There was definitely a guardian angel watching over him...maybe the big man himself...but falling from 30+ feet and only having to get 5 stitches is incredible and no doubt a blessing. ..and a wake up call to stop taking life for granted.
Living each day as if it could be your last is a quote that I had plastered all over my MySpace page and quite possibly my AOL instant messenger away statuses..NERD ALERT I know, but that was my jam back in my high school/early college days! It definitely has new meaning to me now so from here on out I'm attempting to leave work immediately after my work duties are complete (this includeds chit chatting with my ladies), work out atleast 4 times a week, leave work at work and enjoy my time at home, and get this rental in tip top shape so I can walk around barefoot without fear of catching a disease. Seriously y'all I've never seen a dirtier place in my life...wild animals probably live cleaner than this woman. Let's not get things twisted, this girl doesn't do cleaning of other people's mess. If it weren't for the fact that we are friends with the landlord and getting to do pretty much what we want to make it our own I wouldn't be scrubbing layers of filth off of every tangible surface of the house. However, it has TONS of potential to be a super cute house for us to make our temporary home (maybe even have a kid while we're there) && it's a way to get to our ultimate goal of purchasing another home without selling our townhouse. Friday it took me 2 hours to scrub 2 doors front and back if that tells you how much dirt and yuck there is, but no worries I was in elbow length yellow rubber gloves and a mask...the definition of hot for teacher right there. Today I learned to use a power tool...and the world may never be the same! I only saw it fit to throw in a duck face with a selfie mirror pic...hate if you must, but I don't see anything wrong with an occassional "duck face" if it's done rarely (not every picture you ever take). I also scrubbed...and scrubbed...and scrubbed some windows.

 I'm actually looking forward to getting back to my not so hard labor job of teaching early in the AM...with my extreme talkers and all. This week is going to be a crazy week. We have progress reports coming out tomorrow, a field trip to the South Carolina Aquarium on Tuesday, a Bridal Shower happy hour for one of the girls on Friday, and duh, Cinco de Mayo on Saturday!
By the end of this week I'm so going to be ready for mustaches and margaritas. Here's my sweet little Oscar at last year's Cinco de Mayo get together. He looks muy guapo si???  Now, I would be in complete denial if I acted as though teaching didn't have to take place this week. . .of course it's too early to go into summer mode. . . so here's the line up:
Math: 2 Digit Addition with Regrouping
ELA: Story Structure (beginning/middle/end)
Spelling: Words with -wor, -ld, -nd, -st
Theme: Mexico
Writing: Descriptive/Opinion Pieces

Here's hoping this week is a little easier than last week (atleast a lighter drama load). I'll be back tomorrow to blog about my math plans for the week. Until then...Live, Love, Teach!

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