Saturday, April 20, 2013

April as I Know It...

April, April, slam packed with fun and madness you are! Now that we're entering our third week back to work after spring break, I think I've finally adjusted to being a working professional again. The first week back kicked my butt && no I'm not adding any fluff to that statement. I was in bed by 8:00 every night and subsequently missed all of my shows. However, the 5:30 wake up call wasn't any easier despite my kid friendly bed time. If the birds aren't singing it's too early for my brain to be convinced it's time to wakey wakey. There are offically 29 wake up calls left in the school year...hopefully I can handle this.

This week my brain has been scattered more than usual. We're in the process of renting out our townhome and moving into a rental house (all with the goal of eventually buying our own house). The chaos surrounding having complete strangers come check out your home has made it nearly impossible to focus at work and as long as we're being honest, I fit right in with my kids because in addition to our every day attention issues they've definitely caught the summer-itus bug a tad bit early this year. Seriously, this blog entry has taken me a week to finally publish because I can't focus long enough to make anything sound coherent. Between my pinterest marathon pinning sessions and blog hopping I managed to find my way to another Linky party hosted once again by Flying Into First. This one captivated my attention because its theme is my all time favorite candy...skittles! I've definitely eaten my fair share of them this week so it only seemed appropriate that I participated.
Here's the code just in case anybody out there in blog land hasn't joined up yet:

Red: Favorite Icecream Flavor
Yellow:Favorite Sports Team
Orange:Favorite Memory from College
Green: Favorite Fast Food Place
Purple: Wild Card (Tell anything about yourself)

&& without further ado here's my Skittles Game....

Favorite Icecream Flavor:
Cookies & Cream...but I don't discriminate...I love all kinds of icecream! :)

Favorite Sports Team:
I only watch the best of the best of college football...and that would be the South Carolina Gamecocks (surely you didn't think I was going to say the Clemson Tigers...I kid all you Tigers fans out there).

Favorite College Memory:
The first part of my college career I was young, dumb and in a relationship. That relationship was a complete FAIL but I got one of the best gifts that I've ever first fur baby Paris. She is the sweetest and cutest black lab/border collie mix EVER. This is a tie with my graduation day. There's something special about the day that you worked so hard to see. Being able to walk across the stage makes the hundreds of english papers, all nighter exam study sessions, and irritating math classes galore worth it. Of course I had to add a picture with both of my college memories rolled into one. :)

Favorite Fast Food Place:
I try not to eat too much fast food (I haven't had anything from McDonalds in atleast 5 years), but when I do partake in the drive through scene it's always from Chick-Fil-A. Nothing from any other fast food place trumps waffle fries, chicken sandwich and a sweet tea (ok maybe even a milk shake). Holy yummyness!

Wild Card: Fun Fact:
For our honeymoon my husband and I flew to Hawaii. It was the first time I had ever flown on a plane so I was hella nervous. Hawaii has always been a place that I promised myself I would make it to. I've always heard about the beauty of the island from my Grandfather who was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. Despite the horrifying violence that he witnessed first hand he always spoke of how beautiful it was. After surviving the plane rides to get there we of course visited Pearl Harbor which had an oddly calming atmosphere. I  finally got to see with my own eyes what my Poppa had always wanted me to see in my mind- -I don't know how I didn't cry (I was positive that I would), but I managed to keep it together. It was absolutely amazing getting to visit the place that was a huge part of my Poppa's life. Equally amazing was our hike up the Diamond Head Trail. Anybody that knows me knows that I'm not exactly the girl that jumps at the chance to hike, but it was so worth it. It wasn't easy (nor was it a sweat free journey), but the view at the top was absolutely amazing. Hawaii was everything that I ever thought it would be- -anybody want to pay to send me back for round 2?

My brain is still not wanting to focus on anything work related. . .I'm blaming it on all the fun I had today with four of my fabulous grade level friends at our school's spring carnival (definitely not the glass of pear wine that I've been drinking). I don't know if everyone out there in blog land has a carnival at their school, but it's great fun. Each grade level is in charge of a booth or two for the kids to come and play games at. This year 4 of the 8 ladies on our team had prior obligations so we downsized from our 4 booths to just 1: The Fishing Booth. Three or four years ago I convinced my wonderful dad (that makes all of my classroom dreams come true with his carpentry skills) to construct a fishing booth that I later painted with an under the sea scene. It didn't make it to last year's carnival so this year it was a HUGE hit. Although waking up early on a Saturday and being in teacher mode for an extra day isn't ideal it's so worth it to see the happy, happy, happy faces on all the kiddos. Here's our crew making fishing look good! :)

Before I sign off for the night I have a bit of a fashion challenge for everyone out there in blog land that reads this little piece of the internet and needs some excitement in their life.  Last week I decided to have a little dress up fun at work. Each day was assigned a special theme. . .
Monday- -Maxi Dress/Muumuu Monday
Tuesday- -Turquoise Tuesday
Wednesday- -White Out Wednesday
Thursday- -Tank Top Thursday
Friday- -Fancy Pants Friday

I managed to get a picture of my maxi dress before I headed off to work, but didn't do so hot getting that accomplished for the remaining 4 days. By the time I got home I looked like a walking zombie (not so cute for pictures) so I'll be staging those outfit pictures tomorrow to post them up.

Until next, love, teach! :)

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  1. Hi Amy! Your fur baby is precious. I am a mom to 2 fur babies...a kitty and a bunny. I love Waffle fries but try not to eat too much fried food because it can upset my tummy. Have you had the sweet potatoes fries at Chili's? They are delicious. =)

    I am a 1st grade teacher too and am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart