Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alter Ego Tuesday

Somebody call the Book of World Records peeps...I just sneezed 12 times in a row && I'm fairly certain 13 is on its way. My nose is completely stuffed and the sneezing is driving me bonkers. How does this even happen? I haven't been exposed to kid germs (everybody knows those are the most aggressive), haven't slept with wet hair, haven't gotten caught in the rain and stayed in soaking clothes, why, why, why???If there's one thing I despise more than going to the gym, it's going to the gym with a summer cold && skipping out on the gym is not an option today. I've been a lazy bum since Wednesday (it's shameful I know) and a cruise is coming up quick. Ayiyiyi! Not all is bad in my world though. . .my sun visor that stopped working in my car && is now laying on my floor board will hopefully be covered under a recall (score), my cabinet doors in the kitchen are finally in the process of being painted and put on (double score), and I finally found thin mint coffee creamer (triple score)! I don't know what I'm more excited about...not having my {{organized chaos}} on display for everyone to see or the coffee creamer...maybe the coffee creamer or the chevron notebook underneath...is it bad that my addiction to chevron has gone this far??
I've blogged a lot lately about what I've done for my class...what I've checked off my teacher to do list...but let's get real, teachers have other interests/other passions/a life outside of teaching that's worth talking about too.Teaching is a large portion of my life, but I don't sleep at the school {{sorry roaches}}.  I'm equally obsessed with  a lot of other things. With going to the gym out of the question until later today when this wicked head ache is tamed, I thought it was the perfect time to blog about my alter ego  (Mrs.: first name, Owen: last isn't exactly who I was born to be 24/7). You know, take a break from teaching thoughts because pretty soon those are the only thoughts I'm going to be allowed to have.

Decorating my house is a love of my alter ego. If you've been following my ramblings since around June, you'll know that the husband, our furry children, and Gary the fish moved from a townhouse to a house at the beginning of the summer. It was beyond unpleasant (I think a summer cold is more fun than packing/moving/unpacking), but we're finally settled in and starting to fill up the house. Our townhouse was much smaller (the only reason we moved) so we still need to buy a lot of furniture to make this house look finished.

The house also needed a lot of TLC. I should own stock in Mr. Clean Magic Erasers because I spent a small fortune on those suckers as I scrubbed every square inch of the house. The kitchen was the room that needed the most work. I'm in love with the look of white cabinets so somehow I convinced ok nagged my husband enough to paint them. The framework has been painted, but the doors and drawers are still not on. Unlike Melissa from the RHW of New Jersey, I'm not singing a song about my mess being on display...there's nothing cute about seeing all of someones kitchen junk. I'm not lovin' it. I've been assured that this project will be completed soon (that's why I'm smiling in the picture and not giving my "seriously babe" face). The days are numbered for this fabulous kitchen look {{insert cart wheel/fist bump/woohoo here}}.There's no denying that my kitchen is a hot mess right now, but there is one little sliver of sunshine and that's this cute little chalkboard I found at World Market, intended to use at our wedding (never did), finally bought chalk for, && now it' s this little jazzed up number.
I didn't doodle on an anchor because they're the {{in and now trend}}...anchors are a part of my family history in the nautical scene. My Poppa was in the Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese. He's one of the few Pearl Harbor survivors that are left in Charleston && I love him to pieces. My Dad (who I also love to pieces) has been in the Coast Guard Reserves since I was a little girl. Jonathan's Grandfather was also in the Navy....soo anchors are kind of a family thing (and a nod to the last day of our honeymoon in Hawaii).


Cute touches on the inside of your house are important to making a space your own but,  honestly, outside of your house is just as important  (first impressions...you don't get a second chance at those). Before we moved in the front door looked neglected and sad...yes sad. I hated how cold and un-homey it looked from the curb so that was a major thing on my list of things to change. The porch isn't big enough for any furniture (unless you want your knees shoved into the railing) so that was out of the question...our bank account was relieved. That being said, the doorway was really my only option. The door got a fresh coat of black paint. It's amazing how beat up a door can get && even more amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for something. I hung a personalized wreath on it because what door is complete without a cutesy pie wreath hanging from it?!?! I blogged about it once upon a time ago in the beginning of the summer {{here}}. That was it until last week when I finally made myself go to Lowes. I hate flying insects of all kinds so the garden section really makes me panic. I knew that I wanted a topiary bush before I even left my house and life got even easier when I walked in and immediately saw them. I picked up a simple black planter's pot (Allen & Roth...on sale...score) and a few other plants to replace the ones I killed already... I have a bit of a black thumb lately when it comes to plants. Topiary bushes are pricey so relief doesn't begin to describe the feeling I had when the girl at the register told me I had a 1 year warranty on the plant. The door mat made the move with us...nothing special but it ties everything together. Not fancy pants material, but even the simplest of things can give a space the boost it needs.
Another love of my alter ego is baking. Cupcakes are fun, but with school not in session I have no purpose to bake cupcakes. Lord knows I don't need 2 dozen iced baked goods staring me in the face {{zero will power }}. I do however have a ton of blueberries that aren't getting eaten fast enough for breakfast. I hit up Pinterest...found a recipe for Blueberry Lemon Muffin Bread && I've decided to fire up the oven and drag my Kitchen Aid mixer out....after the gym of.course. Seriously looks like heaven in a pan!
Working out isn't necessarily a love of my alter ego, but it's not an option.  It's something that I hate to do, but I love the feeling after it (kind of like cleaning). The gym is just not my favorite place on Earth...I've tried...I just can't make myself excited about going there. It doesn't help that I go in looking semi cute and leave looking like a grand hot mess. I'm really jealous of the people that can leave looking as good as they did coming in...no sweat...no red face...no soaking wet hair or clothing. How does that happen? Because seriously this is me...no lie...no sugar coating...you might want to cover your eyes if you're scared easily...

I warned you...not pretty. Shopping, getting some sun, swimming, eating, drinking, killing armies of sugar ants that invade my house...those are all favorites of my alter ego too && lucky me an army of sugar ants has invaded my house yet again. So, until next time....live, love, && let your alter ego have some fun while it still can!

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  1. Fun stuff - it is nice to hear about other things going on besides just school stuff!!!!