Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bugs & Hisses..It's Time for Place Value

It's a Sunday night, the house is cleaned, laundry is done, lunch is packed for tomorrow, && I got to go shopping today. How could this day get any better? Uhhh it's National Coffee Day, duh! It's true that I've developed a serious addiction to the stuff, but thanks to my six month cleaning at the dentist I've been reassured that my brushing skills are keeping my pearly whites pearly and white. Typically the Sunday night blues would have crept into my life by now, but I'm so stoked that I don't have to teach word problems this week that I could do a few back flips. Word problems aren't horrible...I loved teaching my kids how to solve them. . .until I had to teach it for 3 weeks in a row...horrendous idea that had everybody frustrated and ready for a change. Some of my sweet little things just aren't ready for all the brain work that goes into solving them and that's perfectly fine (after all it is only week 6).

Our next district wide focus is place value && I finally have a math unit ready to roll out from last year. October will be here shortly (in one day) and with it comes the Halloween madness. I've loved Halloween since I was a little teeny tiny thing and after watching Hocus Pocus on Friday night I have the itch to spook things up (just a little) with my Bugs and Hisses unit. You can snag up the spook-a-licious fun {{here}} It's a kid favorite year after year so I have high hopes that this week is going to be a good week for teaching math. With a craftivity, games, and some of my favorite read alouds how could it not be?!?

One of my personal goals for this week is to be unplugged from technology by 9:00 and it's 9:06 so until next, love, and have fun teaching!

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