Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I would be willing to bet my last sharpened pencil that I'm not the only one feeling absolutely exhausted && drained of any ability to hold their eyes open much less have an intelligent conversation. I'm not exagerrating when I say that I slept the majority of my 3 day weekend away. I know the world of sickness is right around the corner so I'm hoping I slept away whatever was trying to creep into my bubble. That's atleast the excuse I'm giving out for being a blob of laziness clad in yoga pants and tank tops all weekend. I'm also willing to bet my last unchewed eraser (ahhh yes the chewing of erasers has already begun) that at least one other person out there in blogger land forgot to say September (and not August) during their morning meeting. Clearly I need to jack up my caffeine intake a notch tomorrow morning so that I can function correctly. 3 day weekends are amazing, but holy moly it's hard to bounce back into the working world.

Since it's September (not August...remember, remember, remember) && my presence in blog land has been pretty scarce since  B2S 2K13 chaos hit, a linky was just what my little piece of the internet needed. Enter:: Currently September with {{Oh Boy Fourth Grade}}

{{Listening}} There's seriously nothing more peaceful than rain at night and the sounds of puppies and a husband sleeping. Ok, ok the husband's snoring isn't so cute...his snore was actually the sound effect of a creepy kidnapper's car in one of my latest nightmares. Luckily he doesn't snore much...just when he has a cold or his allergies are acting up...so I can weather that storm.

{{Thinking}}Since I can't wear yoga pants to work picking out actual outfits is something that I try to do the night before so I can get to work on time. It's worked out amazingly...until this morning. Long story short, my hair didn't turn as curly as it should have, the skirt made me look like I had a pooch, && it was just all wrong. 10 outfits later I was dressed && my closet was a disaster (thank the lord for doors that close).

{{Wanting}} No further explanation needed...where do they get all of that energy from???

{{Needing}} Sleep now...cardio tomorrow. I haven't run in 3 weeks so I'm over due for a good run. It ain't gonna be pretty, but sweat like a pig so you can look like a fox right??

My personal goals: work out, cook dinner (because I've been a slacker wife for far too long), and leave work by 3:30 (so I can get some cardio in and dinner cooked). For now this is all I've got left in this brain of mine. I'll be back tomorrow to blog about What the Teacher Wore Wednesday. Until then...live, love && keep that super teacher cape on straight!


  1. I love reading your post. I like how you write it as if I were talking face to face. You say the funniest stuff. Thanks for sharing and making me smile.


  2. I need to go to the gym asap. It's so hard to get back into it! Good luck! *yay for being your newest blog lovin follower, drop by *

    Just Wild About Teaching