Saturday, September 7, 2013

What the Teacher Wore

Ok, ok, ok, so I'm a few days  (&& a couple cups of coffee) late on this post. Wednesday quickly turned into Thursday...which quickly turned into Friday...and now here I am Saturday just sitting down to write this post. Errrmerrrgerrrrd Week 3 was c to the r to the a to the zy CRAZY. It's starting to calm down a little bit... but then again I could just be adapting to the can't stop won't stop talking/fidgeting/mouth noise making world that I live in. I feel like I'm in that Pitch Perfect movie- -minus the harmony && double the serving size of the noises. The thought has also crossed my mind that my kids have developed a new method of communication via lip pops, tongue clicks and hums && if that's the case I need a professional development class on this stat (quickly followed by a class on cursing in cursive as one of my sweet littles so adamantly accused his table friend of doing).  Ayiyiyiyi!

All of the ADHD tendencies bouncing around the walls of my classroom bounced right into my own brain this week. I have seriously struggled to stay focused on a task for longer than 5 minutes...even outfit planning was a nightmare. The first 2 weeks of school I had my outfits planned the night before...this week I threw something on the morning of. Because of that this is what my closet looked like EVERY morning...

&& because of my O.C.D. of course I had to clean up what my A.D.D created before I left for work. Translation: I needed one of those flying cars that I swore would be in existence by the year 2013 when I was little. Before my coffee wears of, let's get this outfit party started...
{{What the Teacher Wore: Week 1}}

Chambray (the denim look for simple people like me) has been popping up everywhere for a while. Chambray isn't actual denim but it's close enough.  I was a little hesitant to jump on the wagon on this one because I've always considered "denim" shirts to be a pretty stereo typical thing for southerners to wear. I'm not a rodeo cowgirl BUT with a fancy name like "chambray" this shirt found a home in my closet. Paired with yellow skinnies && it totally takes away the bunkin' bronco vibe I was scared of.
Skinnies: GAP
Shirt: Good ole' Belk

You would have to have been living underneath a rock if you didn't know that chevron is a hot to trot pattern right now (even my husband knows about chevron). It's no secret that I have an addiction to all things chevron so it should be a no brainer that it has invaded my closet (and my heart). Big patterns tend to take over my frame and make me look like a child playing dress up in mommy's dresses soooo for my version the pattern/color scheme stayed and the size of the chevron was scaled down a bit for the 5'4" package that I'm working with.

Dress: TJMaxx...I had to dig through a bunch of mess for this one

 The denim, black and white combo is a classic. It's so fresh && simple it would be silly not to have the pieces already in your closet.

Jacket: GAP
Jeans: Jessica Simpson
Shirt: Target

Ahhh the shift dress...super cute...but for me the hanging look doesn't work. Again, super cute on some, but I look like I'm wearing a colorful potato sack. I chose to belt mine because walking around with your hands on your hips to prove that you have a waist under your dress is ridiculous/not possible/insane. I also wore a cardigan with mine because...well..I'm a teacher && cardigans are my go to "make it school appropriate" item.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: GAP

{{Skip Day 10...nothing fashion forward about a school t-shirt and skinny jeans...not frumpy dumpy just not really pin-spiration worthy. However, casual jean Fridays are the way to a teacher's heart.}}
{{What the Teacher Wore: Week 3}}

Just like shift dresses, I also have a love/hate relationship with tunic tops. I love the look of them, but most of the time I end up looking like a fool in a colorful potato sack. However, pinched at the waist with a belt of some sort && it can get up in my closet. I paired my tunic with pale pink skinnies and a navy blue cardigan. I didn't include a big bag with my combo buuuut I love big bags && I can not lie.
Cardigan: Belk
Tunic: Forever 21
Skinnies: GAP

Sometimes you need a little simplicity in your life. Nothing is more simple than a pair of khaki pants && if you don't have a pair of khaki pants in your closet as a teacher, I'm doubting your commitment to this profession (I kid, I kid).
Jacket: GAP
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Pants: The Limited

In true chevron addict form, life wouldn't be complete without a chevron maxi dress. You know what they say, maxi dresses are crotchless/legless yoga pants && I love me some yoga pants. Another no brainer!
Dress: The Polkadot Alley (via Facebook)

Rounding out week 3 with Day 14...I bring to you, animal print & colored skinnies proving that animal print does have a home outside of the Jersey Shore.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Skinnies: Jessica Simpson
Shirt: Wet Seal

So there you have it, Week 2 and Week 3 from my closet to your computer screen. Nothing crazy expensive or high fashion about it, but looking good is feeling good, and when you feel good, getting up at 5:30 is a piece of cake (with a side of caffeine). It's game day for my Gamecocks && I have a mountain of laundry waiting for me to tend to it, so until next time live, love, && get your teacher swag on!

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