Saturday, September 14, 2013

What the Teacher Wore {{Week 4}}

I've been dreaming of cooler weather for weeks. I love the summer time, but once school starts summer is over/dunzo/gone/finished. Unfortunately the scorching hot temperatures didn't get this memo (they didn't depart with the arrival of the fleet of school buses) and I have been sweating it out on the recess field and dismissal for 4 weeks now. This morning when I woke up to cooler weather it put a little pep in my caffeinated step. I started a deep clean of the house (including scrubbing the tub....which I hate, hate, hate), made it out of Wal-Mart alive, && got a manicure to reward myself for making the tub scrubbing/Wal-Mart shopping happen. Now I'm sitting at home sipping on a delicious coffee (a girl's gotta keep her caffeine levels up for the big game tonight...don't judge) && thinking back on what outfits I threw together this week without giving in to the strong urges for some major retail therapy (it was hard peeps). Before I proceed with my shenanigans, a disclaimer:
I am not and have never claimed to be anything close to a fashionista. I don't know designer names (nor do I care). I am a teacher that likes to get dressed (when yoga pants aren't acceptable). I am someone who likes to shop && someone who makes things happen on a teacher's budget. I'm also a pin-a-holic. If you're looking for a swanky fashion forward blog, you'll probably be disappointed because I'm far from being part of that world. &&&& here we go...

What the Teacher Wore {{Week 4}}

Mondays are notorious for being the longest days ever. One of my first grade favorites (now retired) used to joke with her kids that Wednesday was the longest day of the week, but Monday truly is the longest day e.v.e.r. (all jokes aside). We have our weekly PLC meetings on Mondays after school and holy moly they're brutal. This past Monday was slated to be one of the longest PLCs we've ever had so nothing seemed more fitting than throwing on some jail bird stripes (old school jail bird stripes because now they wear solid colors...I think). I don't know about you, but when you're putting in close to a 12 hour day it sure feels like you're locked up. I pinned a pin last weekend of the black & mustard color combo && since I had the pieces already in my closet to make it a reality it became Day #15. I love the boots and the dress in the pin-spiration version, but it's too hot for boots and leggings so I had to make some adjustments to make it work for me in my version.
Cardigan: Belk
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Pants: The Limited

During last week's Pinterest marathon session ruffled tops were popping up everywhere. I have a few in my closet and love them for all of the girliness that they ooze. The husband thinks that they look like adult bibs, but he's a man && they just don't get women's fashion. In my version the color obviously got a switch up. I paired my rufflage with a denim jacket because 1. it's cold in a school building and 2. teacher appropriate dress code outlaws the sleevless/halterish cut of the shirt.
Shirt: Gap
Jacket: Gap
Pants: The Limited

Day 17 happened to be 9/11 so the red && blue color combo was intentional. My little yakity yaks are too young to understand what happened that day (if they even know what happened) so we didn't discuss the act of hate that occurred that day. Instead I chose to focus more on having pride for our country and being a good citizen. This might make me a bad American to some, but I'm a teacher and my number one job is to protect my kids in every sense of the word.  I know that there will come a time in their lives that they will become aware of the evil that lurks in the world, but for now they're 6 and I'm going to do everything I can do to shield them from the harsh reality that not all is beautiful in the world that we live in...or the truth that unicorns don't exist (yes Virginia you can definitely have a unicorn as a pet). In my pin-spiration version the dress is a navy blue print. Love it, but car insurance was coming out of the bank account so I worked with what I had (being responsible sure stinks sometimes). All of the other outfit particulars stayed true to the pin-spiration (cardigan and belted waist).
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Belk (Department stores have good finds believe it or not)
Belt: Jessica Simpson (Belk)

Without fail, every week by Thursday I start running low on energy. The "get up and go as soon as the alarm goes off attitude" has left the house and the snooze button gets some major love. Enter: simple and comfortable. Nothing is more comfortable or simple than skinnies, a tried and true tee, && the old faithful denim jacket. Bethany looks fab in her version, but being the clumsy teacher that I am with little fingers and toes surrounding me, they had to go.
Jacket: Gap
Shirt: American Eagle
Jeans: Ralph Lauren (Belk)
Shoes: Steve Madden 

After Thursday comes Friday...and if you're anything like me Friday mornings are full of pep even if I'm zombie exhausted from running circles all week. Aztec inspired patterns were everywhere over the summer && I just wasn't so sure about them. Everything I saw was a little too hippy/love child/poncho for me. I took my chances with the trend and scooped up a simple tank at Target. I've worn it with jeans before, but jeans are a no no at school (except on the last Friday of the month). I wasn't sure Aztec was ever going to blend with teacher world && then I found some pin-spiration. The black and Aztec combo was something I couldn't let sit idle in Pinterest land so it found a home on my "Get in My Closet" board && I made it happen. The skirt was a little much for teacher world (and I'm trying to control my shopping urges...remember) so I put the Aztec on top and the solid on the bottom. I also threw in a cardigan to make my tank meet the dress code requirements.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Target
Pants: The Limited (The Drew Fit is well represented in my closet)
I know there are far more fashionable teachers out there erasing the frumpy dumpy teacher stereo type from the world && that's why I've decided to start a linky where teachers can share their closet candy with other teachers. Lawd knows I'm a small time blogger, but here goes nothin'! Who doesn't like making new friends right??? If you've got the itch to share your weekly teacher wardrobe, link up. Just link back to me, grab the button, share some love to other bloggers, and have some fun.

My Gamecocks are on && I've got some party planning to do (and yes lesson planning too) so until next time...
Live, love, && make your fashion pin-spiration a reality one outfit at a time!


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