Sunday, September 22, 2013

What the Teacher Wore {{Week 5}}

It's the first day of fall and although it doesn't really feel like it at all outside, I'm celebrating by sipping on a cup of pumpkin spice as I try to force my brain into thinking cohesive thoughts. A week of having a full moon combined with hosting a bridal shower at my house yesterday has my brain frazzled and in desperate need of a nap. I thought for sure that the heavy load of school work would slow down from a sprint to a leisurely walk by now, but we're still in sprint mode && I'm holding on for dear life. You know you've been there...trying to push through that last minute of a sprint at the gym and the treadmill is daring your legs to give up so you can face plant and fling off the machine like a rag doll. That's me right a T. Sooooo without further ado, here's Week 5 of What the Teacher Wore.

Confession #1: I may be slightly addicted to cardigans when it comes to my teacher wardrobe. I seek them out wherever I go. They're so simple, but they can completely tie an outfit together (not to mention make an otherwise work inappropriate shirt/dress work appropriate). As I was trolling pinterest for outfit inspirations late Sunday night I came across this striped little number and realized that DUH I have one almost identical to it in my closet. Obviously jeans were out of the question (I've yet to understand why they're at the maximum inappropriateness level for work) so I improvised and went with a grey cropped pant/capri. My hair was a hot mess that morning (the part was going all coo-coo crazy town and not wanting to lay correctly) so I braided it up and rolled with it. P.S. this was before coffee so there is not explanation for why I look so peppy. Good night's sleep/oblivious to Monday's impending chaos?
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shirt: Wet Seal (yep in my white tee)
Pants: Limited (Drew fit capris)
Shoes: Steve Madden

My pin-spiration for Day 21's outfit was the color combo. I'm not a fan of the below the knee cut on my frame so the outfit itself wasn't something I wanted to duplicate. Completely cute for taller people, but I'm not exactly going for the "hi, my name is Amy and I'm a munchkin from the Land of Oz look." I'm only 5'4" so I can't afford to look shorter than I already am. However, I am a fan of the jewel tone combos that are everywhere in Pinterest land. You can't really tell from the picture (crummy lighting), but my shirt is an emerald like green.
Cardigan: Belk
Top: TJ Maxx find
Pants: The Limited
I had big plans for Day 22. I had a super cute outfit pin-spiration to roll with and everything was picked out. Then I woke up with bug bites on my legs and the dress idea was a no go. Things quickly went from "bug bite bad" to "I can't stand anything in my closet" bad. I changed outfits at least 10 times (including the time right before I walked out of the door). With that being said, I'm omitting day 22 from the line me it didn't cut the mustard.

Confession #2...I'm starting to like cheetah print. No worries, I'm not going off the deep end and replacing Snooki on the Jersey Shore. I've just added a little bit of it to my closet. In my opinion, cheetah in small doses is perfectly fine...head to toe that is a problem. I've been on the hunt for a cheetah print cardigan (I'm obsessed with those too) and finally found one during last week's trip to Target. I found a cardigan in the women's section that fit, but I wasn't pumped about the print of cheetah. It was ok, it just wasn't what I was looking for. I toted it around the store with me trying to make up my mind if it was worth the $28 it would cost to take it home with me && then the heavens opened up. Seriously, I thought I heard a chorus of angels singing and a beaming light shining on a cheetah print cardigan in the girl's department. I curiously picked up a large and sized it looked like it would fit...I tried it on && it definitely fit! The print was so much cuter than the adult version and it was way cheaper. Score, double score!
Cardigan: Target (girl's large)
Top: Wet Seal (simple black tee)
Pants: Limited (cropped Drew Fit)

&&& finally just when I thought Friday would never get to me in time, it arrived. With Day 24 comes Confession #3: I have an impressive collection of colored skinnies. For someone who used to loathe skinny jeans I've changed my tune a little over the last year or two. Somewhere I went from hating them to being obsessed and snatching up every color I could get my hands on. I've found that GAP has the best fit. Added to the great fit, the pants don't stretch out like my Jessica Simpson skinnies do (by the end of the day I need a pair of suspenders to keep those suckers up). Black and red is a classic color combo so the pin-spiration was an easy find. Instead of a plain black shirt I added a little dimension to my version with the wood/tie dye print tank that I found at Target for a style steal ($2.00).
Jacket: GAP
Tank: Target
Pants: GAP
If you want to share your fashion ramblings with the teacher world (surely I can't be the only one out there) link it up! Or hashtag it up on Instagram #teacherswag #whattheteacherwore.
Until next, love, and dress for success!

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