Saturday, December 7, 2013

What the Teacher Wore: Week 16

Week 16...the week the tattling bug ran rampant in my classroom. For 76 days I've been spending every last waking moment of teaching trying to mold my little loves into big independent problem solving first graders. Some weeks I leave feeling accomplished...this week...let's just say a lot of coffee was consumed && a lot of blank stares were dished out when their tales grew a mile from all of the tattling aired out for all to hear. I can't tell you exactly how many times I've said "worry about yourself...not about your neighbor"...but I do know that it's in the millions && I'm pretty sure I need a talking parrot before I start saying it in my sleep. Besides wanting to plug my ears with sticks, I learned that I'm the third best teacher in the world...I must meet the first and second place winners because unless they've got a unicorn that poops skittles, this could be a race that I could win && who doesn't like to win a race that you don't actually have to sweat like a pig to win?? On the flip side, I learned that I'm the meanest teacher in the world (simply because I expect their best ALL times) and that I never teach one little darling anything...good to know right? The pieces of my heart were quickly glue sticked back together (and sprinkled with glitter) when the rest of my sweet babies came to my defense. && for that they got a special treat from Layla (our elf on the shelf). Ayiyiyi, what a week huh? Anyway, here's what I drug out of my closet for the up and down temperatures that are all too common of an occurrence here in the Lowcountry.

 Polka them. Mint it. Boots, cardigans and scarves on cold winter-ish, love, love. Easily one of my favorite outfits this year and shopping wasn't necessary because all of the pieces were already in my bank account loves that.
Scarf: TJMaxx
Caridgan: Target
Shirt: Dillards/Belk...can't remember which
Skinnies: GAP

 Ok, ok, so I'll admit it...I wasn't big on the Aztec sweaters when they first started blowing up my FB feed. It wasn't love at first sight for me like it was for some of my favorite online boutiques. Buuuuuuut the look grew on me, I caved, and I came home with this find from the Junior's Department in Belk. Two quick things: 1. You're never too old to wear SOME of the things in the Junior's department (the owl wearing sunglasses plastered on a sweater...too old for that look. Cute Aztec print my friend were meant for this 28 year old so say hello to my closet) and 2. Department stores have a bad rap...yes there are some super cheesy things on the racks, but just don't look in that area of the store and you won't leave depressed.  
Sweater: Belk
Shirt: Wet Seal
Scarf: Target
Skinnies: Belk (Jessica Simpson)
Boots: Rampage
 I've been eyeballing the army green/black combo for weeks now. I wanted a jacket, set out on a hunt for said jacket, scoured every one of my typical stops for said jacket and came up empty handed....sort of. I did find a pair of olive green moccasin type flats that I had to have && got them for a heck of a deal. Since the jacket is as elusive as a jackalope (my husband insists that they're real...he also insists animals on the side of the road are taking a nap when I get I come across that naive???) I settled for the olive green cardigan I already had in my closet. I swapped the lacy shirt look for an equally feminine cowl neck sweater (frankly I was too exhausted to hunt that lace beast down in a store) soooo besides the shoes...also zero shopping required for this outfit.
Cardigan: Belk
Sweater: Express
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Belk

By Thursday I was running on steam...and dreaming of a jeans day. My encounter with the "mean kid" who I never teach anything to left my insides feeling a little black and blue (and a little grey) so I took the color scheme and rolled with it. The pin-spiration version included jeans...which is a no go on a Thursday so my version includes grey skinnies (close enough). I took the cheetah print from the jacket and incorporated it in my version with my shoes. shopping required.
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: Target
Shirt: Wet Seal
Skinnies: GAP
Shoes: Target
When Friday rolled around there was no doubt it was a tired teacher t-shirt and jeans sorta day. Shockingly, zero pin-spiration was needed/could be found. Apparently t-shirts aren't fashionable??? They might not be fashion forward, but dangit if they don't feel good to slip into on a Friday morning after a jam packed week of teaching/weathering the tattling storm. Also rating high on the feel good factor...a nice rainy Saturday evening surrounded by Christmas decorations and my little (slightly furry) family. Until next time, live, love && enjoy the feel goods in the world! 

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