Monday, December 2, 2013


Currently I'm all jacked up on everything December...or maybe I'm just on a sugar rush from enjoying too many peppermint cookies after work. Y'all Pinterest ain't no joke with the dessert recipes, && that's the sincere truth! Regardless of what's causing my insane amount of excitement, I'm all about lovin' on some much so that I'm coming out of my linky party hibernation. It's been a hot little minute since I've linked up anywhere, but tonight I'm linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for December's only right given my obnoxious fabulous excitement level for this time of year.

Mostly everything on here needs no further explanation, but just in case...
1.  There's something oddly soothing about the sound of a running dish washer to drown out crazy man land noises..."X BOX GO TO TV!!" lord help us if I hear that one more time.
2. Real Christmas trees smell amazing. I could stand in the tree tent all day every day and just breath in the greatness.
3. Few things end a day filled with cramps better than homemade chicken noodle soup.
4. The fire ants that have invaded my classroom need to peace out before I suck it up and let the custodians douse my room with stinky ant killer. I've tried to play nice, but coming back to an exquisitely built ant hill ant mansion (I'm not lying that ish was h-u-g-e) wasn't my idea of a great start to the week.
5. My work out motivation can jump back into my life at any time...seriously. I haven' t seen the inside of a gym in a month and I'm dreading going back. I know I need to get myself back into the routine that I was once in, but my sweatpants are telling me that I look fiercely fine and I desperately want to believe them. They would have me convinced if it weren't for my lack of energy which is definitely linked to not sweating like a pig...soooo high ho, high ho, it's back to the gym I go!
6. Adopting a child (or two) for Christmas has been something that I've done since I was 16 and got my first job. I blogged a little about it yesterday so I'll keep it short and to the point. My parents have always made it very clear that we were blessed to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and not a worry in the world about how things were going to happen. Even though I didn't live in fear of when the next meal was coming or where I was staying that night, I was aware from an early age that not every kid lived the same life I did. I watched my parents provide Christmas to a family down the street from my Grandparents when I was little and it's something that stuck with me. This year I chose 2 angels (because it's impossible to choose between 2 of your own classroom babies). TPT has been good to me over the last year and I'm using my October/November funds to make Christmas magic happen. I have a handful of other favorite traditions: special ornaments, Christmas Eve dinner at Bessinger's BBQ with my family, making cookies...I could go on forever, but this one means the most to me because it's not about making Christmas great for me and's about making Christmas great for someone else and theirs. Hopefully whenever the time comes for me to have my own crew running around I can pass this down like my parents did.
Anyway, before I get too mushy mushy up in blog land, I do believe it's time for a shower && some junk T.V. before I hear "X Box go to TV" another time and go insane.
 Until next, love & check out TPT for their fabulous sales (my shop is finally updated && up in the merry mix up)!


  1. Bugs in the classroom. Ugh! Good for you to try to get rid of them naturally. I don't know if I could've put up with it. I have worms wriggle into my classroom each time we get a heavy rain. Ugh. Bugs.

    1. Worms are something I've never had in class..a lady down the hall had slugs in her room my second year of teaching.

  2. OMG! I LOVE homemade chicken soup! Love your cute blog! I am your newest follower!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. I need some work out motivation too!!! Loved reading your Currently - thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for stopping in! I have seriously got to find my motivation this week...a simple squat routine kicking my butt is not a good sign!

  4. Ew ants!!!! Have you read Farley's post from sometime last spring when she had a critter in her ceiling..... A for real, live critter???? It is hilarious. Good luck with your ants and I am jealous of your real tree! I am super allergic to them, like I could have one but never put anything on it because it makes my skin peel off in disgusting layers. So I settle for a faux tree with an evergreen scentsy in the background. Love your blog--- I am your newest follower.


    1. I did read that one! I would have died!!! I guess ants aren't so and given some of the alternative creatures that could come for a visit!

  5. Hi, Amy

    Found you at Farley's! I love your blog name...I spent a number of years in Charleston, SC. My second boy was born there so lots of great memories.

    Flamingos and Butterflies