Saturday, February 1, 2014

What the Teacher Wore {{Week 22}}

Let me just start by saying 2.5 day weeks are what dreams are made of...everything is just so much more zen like when you're caught up on sleep and well relaxed. So zen like that this chick made it through all of the assessments that she despises with all of her heart without wanting to utter one single curse word....well that's not entirely true. I did have at least 1 bad word pop up in my brain when some of my kids acted like they had never seen a vowel before {{seriously kids you KNOW THIS}}. Alas, with a heavy heart I have to admit that while 2.5 day weeks are great for a teacher's brain, they aren't so great for a kid's brain. They do make for some pretty awesome hugs...I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

With it being a 2.5 day week this week's line up is going to be short, sweet and to the point. Brace yourselves for a total of 2 {{that's right 2}} outfits. True, I had 3 wake up calls, but Friday was a school T-shirt and jeans kind of day...they're lucky I peeled myself out of my yoga pants && hoodie because dangit if those suckers aren't the most comfortable duo in the world.

 Monday was our 100th Day. I planned to make a 100th day t-shirt, but lounging on the couch while surfing Pinterest and sipping coffee won the battle...again. During  my surf session I came across this pin which I'm positive I've been pin-spired by before when the temperatures were warmer, but the boots && scarf "winter" version was just right for the days before Icepocalypse 2014. I have a navy polka dot shirt in my closest, but it was WAY too suited for spring time temperatures rather than the icy cold we were experiencing so I did some swapping. In my version I pulled the pattern in with a scarf and kept the top solid. Same color scheme with just a few minor switches && no shopping had to be done...SCORE.
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: American Eagle
Skinnies: GAP
Boots: Rampage (Belk)
Scarf: ALDO Outlet
Tuesday was a half day && it was gloriously freezing by the time we got to leave. On the way to work it was hard to believe we were expecting massive power outages due to snow and ice. BUT a few short hours later, Jack Frost was starting to work his magic && I was a believer of the weather forecasters' predictions. I'm also a believer in layering && that's exactly what I did for day 101.
Sweater: Express
Scarf: TJMaxx
Vest: Ralph Lauren (Belk)
Skinines: GAP
Boots: Belk
So there you have it...Week 22...the entirety of its 2 pinspiration filled days. Week 23 is a full 5 day week and I have laundry, lesson plans, and tons of super bowl snack prepping to do. Until next time, live, love && enjoy those Super Bowl commercials!

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