Sunday, February 16, 2014

What the Teacher Wore {{Week 24}}

There are few things in the world that top the feeling of a hot cup of coffee && a bowl of cheese grits. Another 2 day school week {{thanks Icepocalypse 2014 Part Doe}} would be a top contender, but I'll be honest here...the make up days at the end of the school year are kinda spoiling my keep calm and lounge on mentality. It looks like when I should be getting my beach on I'm still going to be getting my teach on...&& that's nothin' to preach about. I'm not complaining though...people were without power (some still are) && all the Valentine's Day fun I had planned will be happening on Tuesday (Cupid you better remember to show up). You would think that only having to get "dressed" for 2 days would have kept the chaos in my closet to a minimum. However, that would be a bet that would make you a losing woman {{or man}}. I'm convinced there's a little troll that lives in there who wears an Anarchy shirt and tears stuff up while I'm not looking. It's a mess...a hot mess...and it's a mess that never stops. Before I tackle the closet mess once again, let me throw Week 24 (all 2 days of it) your way.
The week started off as a typical Charleston "winter"...temperatures in the 60s. I turned away from my boot collection and went straight for my beloved TOMS flats and my even more beloved jean jacket. They're seriously two of the best pieces that I've invested in...ever. The neutral color of the flats goes with just about any color combination and the jacket is a layering life saver. Black, white and denim is a pretty classic color's nearly impossible screw it up. . .I say nearly because I'm sure that somewhere in the world it has been a flop once or twice. I thought my scarf had more blue in it when I pinned the pinspiration version, but regardless of the subtle appearance of the blue in my version, the lightweight scarf element was there making it an easy, breezy outfit option for a teacher rushing out the door. Monday, Monday, always seem to catch me off guard.
Jacket: GAP
Shirt: Target
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: TOMS Ballet Flats
Scarf: Gift from My Mini Fashionista Aubrey
On Tuesday Mother Nature left the freezer door open and the cold air started seeping into the Lowcountry. You know it's bad when it's warmer in the morning than it is when you leave work at 2:30. Yikes! A few weeks ago my husband got a wild hair up his booty and ordered this flannel shirt for me. I say wild hair because he usually NEVER buys me clothes because I'm so picky. He went for it and I'm glad he did. Typically when you think of flannel (if you grew up in the 90's) you think of the "grunge" look. If you do a simple Pinterest search, you'll see that flannel has come a long way since 1990. It can be very fashion forward and so, so, so cute! My version isn't the most form fitting of shirts, but paired up with a cardigan it gives you the cinching that I felt like it needed.
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Billa Bong
Skinnies: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Rampage

With Tuesday being exactly a week since I've had to report to B-104, this chick has had a lot of extra time on her hands. I tried to resist the urge to shop, but eventually I gave in (my Anarchy Closet Monster is rejoicing that there are more items coming to create chaos with). I got 2 new pairs of skinnies (black and dark wash denim), an olive green light weight jacket, a really cute new shift dress, and a nautical striped dress for spring. I had to stop myself before I put us in the poor house. There's seriously so much cute stuff out for spring that I can't stand it. Hopefully my sizes will still be there in a few weeks when paycheck time rolls around again (and maybe things start going on sale...a girl can hope). For now I need to log off of the Internet and get a few things done like...
1. Tame the closet chaos
2. Finish up my math plans/new unit
3. Drink more coffee
4. Finish laundry
5. Make a grocery list
6. Plan next week's fashion line up
7. Maybe drink more coffee?!?! (I kid, I kid)
8. Walk the furry children

Until next time, live, love & be fabulously fashionable!

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