Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Muted Weekend

I'll be the first one to say that I love when the seasons change. Being from the south it's really rare that we have 4 distinct seasons, but this year it's actually felt a lot like fall (with a dash of winter coldness in the morning). With the colder weather came a visit to the pumpkin patch with my 17 wonderfully crazy lovelies, yummy apple cider, the return of my UGGS (no they're not ugly) and a not so yummy cold that cruelly took my voice. Thursday afternoon my voice started to get squeaky, I started to sound more like Mr. Owen on Friday, and by Saturday morning I couldn't make a peep. I loved every second of the colder weather, but this no voice thing can go kick rocks. So far this weekend I've watched tons of movies, discovered that my ladies are back (the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills), spent more time with Publisher than anyone should, cut out a ton of lamination, and took an emergency trip to the vet (due to the lamination) with my forever hungry and curious mutt baby, Ophelia.

All is well with Ophelia, but here I sit on Sunday still with no voice. . .and praying for a Monday morning miracle. No voice for a teacher is like a surgeon with no hands, a baker without an oven, or a garbage man without nose plugs (I imagine they have to wear nose plugs).

The silver lining in all of this is that I did get an incredible amount of things created this weekend- -including this super cute Thanksgiving themed sentence editing pack: Gobble 'til You Wobble! My kids recently started learning about editing sentences for punctuation (we've been doing capitalization for months). You can pick up your copy at my TPT store for only $2.50. Affordable-easy-fun-done.

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