Sunday, November 25, 2012

Say it 'Aint So. . .Back to Work I Go??

Fall Break. . .oh how I love fall break! Mine is officially over in a few short hours, but man oh man I was definitely in need of it! I love my kidlets to the moon and back, but it can't be denied that we all needed a little time apart. Over the break I made sure to eat, shop, and then eat some more. I spent time with the people that I'm most thankful for and of course cuddled with my fur babies. They look stoked out of their minds to be in yet another picture don't they! :)

With Christmas only a few short weeks away I'm more than excited to get back to work and get into all of the cute holiday stuff that I've planned. As always, the excitement meter is through the roof during this time of year and my usual behavior motivators (table race, fun friday, stickers, skittles, treasure box) just can't overpower the Santa fever that is running rampant in my room. . .yes, even the skittles have lost their luster. I'm not big on being the grinch or scrooge that takes away from the magic of the season so I decided to try something new. Enter. ..Elf on the Shelf. I had plans to start this last year, but it never happened (I blame it on the final stages of planning a wedding). Even with my persistent headache I made sure to pick up my kit today and it's so stinking cute I can barely stand it. I had to have a girl elf because of the cutesy skirt option &&&& after much digging. .. I got We'll be naming her tomorrow, but this is her! (I'm such a dork. . .I know. . .but I'm ok with it).

Last, but not least in case you haven't heard. . .TpT is having a HUGE cyber Monday/Tuesday sale. There are a lot of sellers offering discounts. . .including me!Everything in my store will be 20% off all day tomorrow. On Tuesday it drops to just 10% off. Nothing says 'Tis the Season better than a sale to help you stock up on cute stuff for your class! Be sure to enter the promo code CMT12 at check out to get the full discount! Happy shopping!

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