Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Get Your Holly Jolly On!

Hi, my name is Amy && I’m a Christmas maniac even though Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. Maybe it’s the colder weather we’ve been having or the peppermint mocha coffee I've been having on the way to work in the mornings. Or perhaps it’s the tree stands that are popping up all over town and the fact that I've been having some major jam sessions to some Christmas songs during my morning drives to work. Whatever it is, I’m officially in the Christmas spirit. I’m ready to deck the halls with all of my Christmas finery and get down to business with some holiday infused learning fun! Don’t get it twisted, I’m beyond ready for some down time to recharge my teacher brain that is running on fumes (break if officially here y’all), but I’m stoked to come back to my favorite time of the year. A week or so ago I started planning out December. I’m crazy… I know, but there’s so much to pack in to 3 short weeks that you have to start ahead of time before everything sneaks up on you. Reindeer, Santa, elves, Christmas Around the World, gingerbread houses, eeeeeeks it's truly the most wonderful time of the year!

One of the things that I'm most stoked about bringing out of hiding is my classroom's  Elf on the Shelf. I broke down to the cuteness last year and snagged the last girl elf that Barnes and Noble had. Of course I had to get the snowflake skirt...because let's face it, I'm about as girly as it gets && the red long johns just weren't girly enough. My kids last year loved every ounce of her smiling little face and mischievous tricks that it's taken every ounce of self control not to bust her out early. Say what you will about the whole thing, but it adds that pinch of magic that prevents the kids from going 100 shades of Christmas holds them to about 95 shades...completely do-able right??? Last year I just planned the elf debauchery as I went. This year, I have a plan...and I'm pumped about it! The first day is pretty simple...the elf arrives && the kids have to give her a name. Last year they finally decided on Violet...after what seemed like an eternity of explaining the difference between a boy and a girl name. No you can't name her Mike because she's a girl. No, honey we can't name her D.J. because that's your name annnnd she's a girl. No, boys we can't name HER Jack because...SHE'S A GIRL!!!! This year I'm hoping for a much simpler naming ceremony. The second day is when the fun starts and the good times keep on rolling until our last day of school. Here's my plan for Elf on the Shelf Classroom Invasion: 2013 Edition.
Another huge part of December that puts a smile on my face besides my favorite movie The Elf (I like smiling it's my favorite), is our Christmas Around the World unit. Each teacher takes a country and creates 2 days worth of lesson plans to make a "basket." The baskets are then rotated throughout the grade level staying 2 days in each class before they're passed on to the next teacher. When all is said and done the kids have learned about 8 different countries. Our end of the unit celebration is a "Travel Day" where our kids travel to each country. They spend about 20 minutes in each room doing whatever activity that teacher has planned for them and then they rotate. The day is done before you know it and they are so adorably pumped about everything they learned by the time they get back to their "home country." I've been working like a mad woman to give my Power Point Presentations a face lift so they can be uploaded to TPT and hopefully help someone else's Christmas Around the World unit become a little easier. Those should be posted by the start of next week...that is if I don't over do it with turkey, black Friday shopping and decorating my house from top to bottom.
I feel like I failed to mention how excited I am that December is on its way?!?! I'm even more excited that Thanksgiving Break is finally here...5 glorious days to drink my coffee in peace and do whatever it is that I want to do. A friend posted a pretty hilarious blog about a teacher's to do list for fall break. I laughed so hard I snorted while the hubs snored away on the couch && then I started thinking...what the heck am I going to do??  I jotted down a few things that I'm really wanting to do over break...keep in mind a few means more than one human can possibly conquer, but I don't want to just nap away my break. I like having a hefty list to keep my busy (so I'm not busy shoving my face full of delicious left overs). I like hand written lists so I can cross things off and show how much I holds me accountable because it's easy to get sucked into Pinterest land while you rock yoga pants all day.

Part of number 2 can be crossed off because I got up and made a breakfast casserole this morning. Amazing what you're motivated to do in the line of "house wife jobs" when you don't have a full time job dominating your life. Up next: decorating and cleaning...after I watch Awkward.
Until next time, live, love && get your holly jolly on!

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