Saturday, November 23, 2013

What the Teacher Wore (Week 14)

How it's possible that November is already on the way out is beyond me. Something less shocking...the temperature. One day we're in the high 70's  and the next we're freezing.  Charleston weather is crazy && my sinuses are a hot mess because of Mother Nature's roller coaster ride. My closet is also a hot mess...almost everything I owned was on the floor last night when I finally decided something had to be done...there's only so much time allowed for chaos before it becomes worthy of a hoarders episode. Without further ado, here's Week 14...
 On Day 65 I wore black and tan. I had on a different top before tragedy struck and I dribbled tooth paste all over the front of my shirt like the half asleep/sneezing/coughing zombie that I've become. Brushing your teeth while you're having to mouth breathe is no easy task. This was the last minute switch up that thankfully worked. I used 2 pinspiration pictures to throw something together because 2 is better than 1...most of the time.
Cardigan: Target
Top: H&M
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Target
 I've had several flannel shirts in my closet for at least a year now, but they never got much of the spotlight. . .I blame this on growing up with flannel being the "grunge" look. Buuuut shockingly flannel can look polished and work appropriate. I had all intentions of pairing my black skinnies with flats && then I woke up to much colder temperatures than I remember seeing predicted on Sunday. The flats got kicked to the curb and boots joined my ensemble because the one thing a coughing/sneezing/sleep deprived zombie teacher doesn't need more of is mucus. No thank you.  
Cardigan: Target
Flannel: American Eagle
Shirt: American Eagle
Skinnies: Jessica Simpson
 Wednesday I went with the green and black stripes look. It was pretty effortless and effortless is exactly what the doctor ordered. I wore boots instead of open toed heels because 1. it was cold and 2. I don't wear heels to work.
Sweater: GAP
Skinnies: GAP
Layering Shirt: Wet Seal
Day 68 was a stretch. I started out with a different color combination and then I realized it just didn't look right. I turned to Plan B which was the combination of grey, denim and pink. My legs are too white to pull out any dresses so I chose to go with grey skinnies. I pulled the pink from the bag in with my shirt && the denim jacket was an easy replica to make happen. I of course went with flats (a neutral color) and wrapped up with a scarf (also neutral). Not exactly what I had in mind when I woke up on Thursday, but it got the job done and I wasn't late to leave the house.
That leaves Day 69, which was what I lovingly refer to as "Tired Teacher T-Shirt Friday." Teaching is exhausting on its own, but when you factor in a cold that tries its darnedest to strangle your voice away from you things get way more complicated. I've never been more relieved for a Friday to roll around in my life....clearly.
T-Shirt: BBE
Shirt (layered): Target
Jeans: The LOFT
Shoes: Toms Ballet Flats
Next week is a 2 day week and then we finally get a break from it all. I fully plan on shoving as much macaroni into my belly as I can (along with turkey, dressing, green beans, & rice with gravy...pretty much anything and everything). Thanksgiving is always a great time spent with family, but this year is going to be even Poppa is getting to come home for Thanksgiving!!! I'm so excited I can barely stand it! It's officially the holiday season y'all &&& I can't wait to deck the halls at home and in the classroom. Until next time, live, love and be jolly!


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