Saturday, November 30, 2013

What the Teacher Wore (Week 15)

A 2 day week is something magical. It would be a true statement that having the entire week off for Thanksgiving would have been even more magical, but in teacher world you take what you can get when it comes to breaks. Breaks from school are truly something to be thankful for. Furthermore, two days to wear jeans && keeping the madness in your closet to a minimum are two equally wonderful  things to add to the thankful list...there's only so much chaos that can be created when you're only picking outfits for two days and they both involve jeans. Here's what came to be on Week 15:

 Jeans, sweaters, boots, and could you go wrong with that quadruple combination when it's f-reezing outside. Seriously, freezing...not just Charleston freezing....well maybe just freezing for Charleston, but whatever. I love jeans days!!!!
Scarf: Steve Madden
Sweater: GAP
Under Shirt: Wet Seal
Skinnies: GAP (they're stirrup pants...flash back to my childhood)

A striped sweater, dark wash skinnies and boots was my goal for the last day of the week. I nixed the necklace in the Pinterest version because like I've said before, big heavy necklaces aren't my thing. They just don't look right on me && they always get tangled up in my hair.  I loved the boot color in the pinspiration picture, but it wasn't already in my closet (it is now thanks to an early Thanksgiving sale at Belk) so I went with my trusty knit Uggs.
Sweater: American Eagle
Tank: American Eagle
Skinnies: The LOFT
Boots: Uggs
&& that my friends is how a 2 day week is done. It's the biggest football Saturday of the year in South Carolina and I have some major to do list items to cross off before kick off. Shower, dress in garnet and black, && cook some cheesy potato and chicken chowder for the boys(just to name a few). Soooooo until next time, live, love && cheer for the Gamecocks!

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