Wednesday, November 20, 2013

T is for Thankful, Thirsty && Tired

As Thanksgiving break slowly approaches I'm counting down the days hours ok fine, minutes until sweet freedom reigns...&&& even sweeter macaroni and cheese is on my dinner plate. I feel like any time I comment on how crazy a day/week has been the universe takes that as a challenge to crank it up a few notches. This week has been craaaaaaaaaaazy and long and exhausting...and it's only Wednesday. Operation Tired Teacher T-Shirt Friday is in full effect y'all. With that being said, Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful for all of the blessings that we have in this crazy world we live in. I haven't taken part in the "30 days of Thankful" craze hitting FB land. Honestly, I missed the bus (November snuck up on me like the stomach bug snuck up on my class) and furthermore, finding 30 non-materialistic items to be thankful for is a stretch. I know, I know a lot of people are thankful for coffee and sushi (and I am too), but as much as I adore both of those items, they aren't the meat and potatoes of my life. I could do without either of them..I wouldn't be a nice person to be around, but I could do without them. Being thankful for the "sprinkles" is nice, but being thankful for your meat and potatoes is far more important. Next week (and by that I mean 2 days) we'll be focusing on what we're thankful for. &&& seriously, what better way than making a fabulously cute turkey. I whipped this little guy up today and I'm in love...with a turkey. Patterns are coming soon to my TPT store (it'll be a freebie...and freebies are sprinkles to be thankful for).  

I'm in serious need of a few sips of cough syrup, a funny movie, and a good night's sleep. If tomorrow is anything like today I'm going to need all the energy I can get. Until next time, live, love && be thankful!

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