Saturday, November 9, 2013

What the Teacher Wore: Week 12

I'm really going to need Mother Nature to make up her mind already about what season it is. I switched my closet out last weekend when the weather was oh so fall like and then BAM it's spring time all up in my business. One day it's freezing cold and the next it's spring time. The mosquitoes can't make up their mind if it's biting or hibernating season && I really prefer them to hibernate. One thing mother nature-ish that I AM loving is the time change...well most of it. I love driving to work in the day time...not so fond of feeling like it's way later than it really is in the evening, but I'll take the sun shining on my way to work over pitch black darkness any day of the week. The sun setting super early did make it less pathetic that I was in bed by 8:00 every night this week with a cold/sinus infection and for that I'm thankful.  With Charleston's flip flopping weather explained, hopefully Week 12's closet selections make a little more sense. It's a hodge podge of seasons wrapped up into 5 days...madness...complete madness.
 There's something about flannel that screams cooler weather. It takes me back to the days of running barefoot through the woods (even in cooler weather) and making s'mores by a campfire at night. Ahhh yes I was one of those hard core tom boy kids. My tom boy days are long gone... it would be a cold day in you know where for me to run around in the woods digging up worms barefoot, but the flannel shirt, yes that can stay....&& the s'mores, they can stay too.
Jacket: GAP
Flannel Shirt: Target
Tank: Target
Skinnies: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Belk (Can't remember the name...spent a pretty penny of them though)
 On Tuesday the weather perked back up. It was colder than a polar bear's toenails in the morning, but by the afternoon it warmed up to a typical Charleston temperature again. Picking out my outfit that morning I knew I wanted to do yellow and grey, but I also fell in love with a teal and yellow combo I pinned the night before. So I threw both ideas together and came up with this..I've said it before, but sometimes it takes 2 things to make a thing go right!
Boyfriend Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Wet Seal (simple white v-neck t-shirt)
Scarf: Dillards (end of the season sale)
Skinnies: Jessica Simpson (Belk)
Shoes: Toms Ballet Flats
 I'm obsessed with grey lately. Truly I've been obsessed for a while, but it wasn't until this year that I became a grey pinning fool. I found an old pin scrolling through Pinterest Land on Tuesday night and Wednesday's outfit was born.
Cardigan: GAP
Shirt: New York & Co. (they give teacher discounts yo!)
Skinnies: GAP
Shoes: Toms Ballet Flats
 By Thursday I was dreaming of a tired teacher t-shirt Friday. Being sickly just isn't what the movies make it out to be when you have to go to work. True, I have a bank of sick days that I'm sitting on, but sub plans don't write themselves and frankly nobody is going to handle my rambunctious group the way I manage to. I seriously feel like they try to eat me alive every day && just like the spaghetti noodles on that heart burn commercial I fight them every step of the way until they quit trying...until the next day.  I went for simple and comfort and nailed it all...except for the comfort element...I made the mistake of wearing my not so broken in Toms.
Jacket: GAP
Shirt: TJ Maxxx (fashionista find)
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Toms Ballet Flats
&& just when I thought my stuffy head couldn't take anymore muffled 6 year old arguments the clouds parted, my sinuses cleared && it was Friday. I saved the t-shirt for another Friday and put some pep into my step. True my shirt isn't striped, but enough stripes had been had for Week 12.
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Target
Skinnies: GAP
Boots: Rampage (Belk)
Scarf: My Granny :)
And that my blog reading friends was my Week 12. I have so many things to get caught up on (including organizing my mess pot of a closet) so I'm forcing the Keurig to brew up a cup of peppermint mocha coffee && I'm getting to work. Until next, love & enjoy the change in seasons. 

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