Sunday, December 1, 2013

Merry & Bright...Wait...How's It Already Sunday Night?

I've been so busy relishing in a big Gamecock win && decking the halls with Christmas cheer at Casa de Owen that it just hit me....I have to go back to work tomorrow. It's back to an alarm set far too early, the madness that surrounds getting out of the door on time, and the pure craziness awaiting me in B-104. December is an exciting time in first grade, but my Thanksgiving break was a-mazing && I'm not ready to part ways with it just yet. I didn't get to everything on my to do list (ahem, the gym), but you can only cram so much activity into a 5 day break from reality...&&& let's be honest, lounging in yoga pants was much more appealing than sweating in them.

Since I'm living in the land of denial (it's not such a bad place), a teaching related post is going to have to wait until I can wrap my mind around putting on the super teacher cape. Instead, I give you...If you give a teacher a break from school, she'll want......

1. Some Family Time
My Poppa got to come home for Thanksgiving this year and it was the best year hands down. My heart is full of happiness for another year of my family being able to gather together. I'm a cry baby, but there were lots of happy tears shed in the Lee household. There's nothing like the love of your family. It's the greatest of all blessings. Family time...check!

2. To Start a New Book
Orrrrrr pick up where she left off on one. At the beginning of last school year I started reading the book Morning Meetings with Jesus. Somewhere along the way I fell off the read every morning before work path and got way behind. I eventually stopped reading and I've felt like the ultimate slacker ever since. I had every intention to start a new book, but when I fired up my Nook the cover page of this book was posted up on my home page...sign taken. I read 5 days worth today, and hopefully will get caught up before the end of the week.

3. To Try a New Recipe (baking & food food)
I was an over achiever and managed to squeak out 3 new recipes (1 baking and 2 food, food). For food food, I made a sausage & egg breakfast casserole and cheesy chicken & potato chowder. Both equally delicious...chowder left overs for tomorrow's lunch=score! Baking is something that I've loved to do since I was little and with the Christmas season officially upon us, I had an acceptable excuse to do a little baking. White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies anyone? Holy yumm-ness these little suckers are delicious. Recipe {{here}}


4. To Deck the Halls
Its' true...I've been a Christmas maniac, but there ain't no shame in my game! All the halls have been decked in this house so I have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty that Christmas brings. The tree is up (it needs a little work), the mantle && the kitchen cabinets are strung with garland, and a monogrammed wreath is hanging on my front door. I still have a few finishing touches before my tree is the way that I want it, but my that's something to fall in love with!
5. To Do Some Shopping
While I did do some shopping for the hubs...and ok, ok, I did get a pair of boots for myself (a girl can only resist so many sales before she caves), most of the shopping that I did was for my Angel Tree kids. Ever since I had my first job (at 16/17), I have picked at least one name off of the angel tree. It wasn't until I started teaching that I actually started putting faces to the names and realized just how important making Christmas magic happen was. For the last few years I've picked a name from my school (typically a child in my class). This year I have two angels and I'm having so much fun picking out girl stuff! They're both so girly and fashion forward...I could do cartwheels I'm so excited! The best part...I did all of the shopping from my couch && in yoga pants. Does it get any better than that?
If I had a few more days, I'm positive that I could have made it to the gym and gone to the movies to see Catching Fire, buuuuuut you do what you can with what you have. Now that the impending work day is beating down my door and I can longer ignore the fact that I will be up before any other creature on the block (nocturnal animals excluded), it's time to unwind and get some beauty sleep. Until next time, live, love, & be merry!

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  1. Super sweet picture! And your door looks awesome too! Thanks for sharing.